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Unlike many stations that just picks a format based on what their Corporate Office mandates or what the Program Director likes personally, The Wolf was designed specifically for listeners of Middle Tennessee after much research.
We play  Country Legends. What does that mean? That means you’ll hear only the best Country Hits from the late 70’s through the mid 2000’s all designed to keep your mood upbeat, your day bright and to constantly keep you inspired with the songs that trigger your favorite memories and what we call the “Soundtrack for your life”.
Wolfie adds new songs each month to keep the music selection fresh and actually plays your requests when you request through our website and social media.
The Wolf has been a ratings generator and continues to be one of the best buys for Businesses looking to promote their goods and services because the listeners of this format DELIVER.
We hope you’ll stay tuned to  Country Legends and you’ll let the music take you back to when Country Music was its best!
Purdie Good Cafe

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